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Open Budget: Oakland takes current and past budget data published by the City of Oakland and sums up the information in easy-to-read charts. We want to help people look at the city's budget themselves. To learn more, check out the Open Budget: Oakland API.

The Adopted Policy Budget Ups Violence Prevention Funding Across the Board

On June 24, ammendments to the Mayor's proposed budget for 2021-2023 were adopted by the Oakland City Council. While the Police Department saw a modest increase in funding over the last (2019-2021) budget, spending on the Department of Violence Prevention will triple and the Fire Department's MACRO program will also enjoy greater support, according to reporting by the Post News Group. We at Open Budget: Oakland will update our charts when details are made available.

"A Just Recovery": The Mayor's Proposed Policy Budget

The Mayor's Office released the proposed policy budget for the upcoming 2-year budget cycle on May 7, 2021. An independent analysis of the proposed budget by Harvey M. Rose Associates was comissioned by the City Council and presented a few weeks later.