2012-13 Adopted Revenues & Spending

Hover over the visual to see dollar amounts for funds and departments.


Source: FY2011-2013 Adopted Policy Budget http://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca1/groups/cityadministrator/documents/report/oak032748.pdf

  1. This is intended as an illustrative prototype; the data should be reviewed and validated for accuracy.
  2. All General Fund revenues and expenditures are shown, but only non-GF transfers exceeding $2 million (rough threshold) are currently shown.
  3. I've tried to exclude revenue sources that are purely accounting records (e.g., equipment and facilities rental charges) but this needs some review by a content area expert.
  4. Bond items are generally excluded because I've had some trouble interpreting revenues vs. expenditures.
  5. Built using D3.js and the Sankey D3 plugin.

Copyright 2012, Dave Guarino