The Mayor's 2015-17 Proposed Budget

The mayor's proposed budget was released April 30 and will be debated by the public and City Council until the Council adopts a final budget by June 30. Open Budget will publish visualizations that allow the public to explore the budget soon after we receive data from the city. See Oakland's current budget, as well as Oakland’s five-year forecast.

Want to compare budget proposals?

Help us get the data! Encourage your council member to use the Open Budget Proposal Template, a standard format to share budget proposal data that would allow side-by-side comparison of Oakland's budget options for the first time.

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Budget Calendar: Key Dates

April 30, 2015
Mayor's proposed policy budget released
May 1 – June 10, 2015
Budget town hall meetings and community input
June 1, 2015
Budget Advisory Committee report
June 17, 2015
City Council president's proposed budget
June 30, 2015
City Council budget adoption