Mayor's Proposed Spending for 2013-15 (Version 2)

As we await data for the FY 2013-15 Adopted Budget, we've moved into research mode. Our first round of usability testing is complete and we're now working on improvements based on people's feedback. Here's a preview. We still want to hear from you -- community advocates, coders, journalists, city staff. Get in touch to take the test and/or join us on Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, hearing room 3.

Mayor's Proposed Spending for 2013-15 (Version 1)

2012-13 Adopted Revenues & Spending

Open Budget Presented to Mayor, City Council

Shawn McDougal explains the mission of Open Budget, April 30, 2013 (Photo: Sonya Rifkin)

How would you use Open Budget?

We're trying to build a tool that's useful to all of Oakland — community advocates, journalists, city officials, and the people they serve. We want your ideas.

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We meet Tuesdays 6:30–9pm at City Hall as part of OpenOakland hack night (send us an email ahead of time so we're sure to be available). Our source code is open and you can contribute on GitHub.